“If we sincerely embrace our diversity while cherishing our shared history, then this document can truly serve as a set of principles for our common destiny, a roadmap for the future of the Jewish people.

Reuven Rivlin, President of the State of Israel

The foundational text of Our Common Destiny is the Declaration: a living document that embodies how we share common, deeply held Jewish values. These bedrock values transcend our individual religious practices, our national and cultural identities, and our politics. These values are timeless and help unite us globally as a people.

Crafting such a document is no easy task, especially given the challenges of the differing beliefs, perspectives and languages of the Jewish world. That is why we launched this initiative by recruiting a diverse group of renowned international Jewish scholars, thought leaders and activists to provide feedback on our initial attempt to draft such a document. We are grateful for their contributions to this complex task, as well as their wisdom and insights.

The first draft of the Declaration was presented by Our Common Destiny Scholars to the President of Israel in Jerusalem in September 2019.

Download the Declaration